StayWell Video Solutions

If a picture’s worth a thousand words,
what’s a VIDEO worth?


StayWell Video Solutions

If a picture’s worth a thousand words,
what’s a VIDEO worth?

Help your consumers and patients get MORE from your patient education by tapping into StayWell’s comprehensive video library.

StayWell provides a variety of video options to improve consumer and patient engagement and comprehension — from detailed patient education to short and shareable wellness videos.

For marketers, StayWell video solutions offer a unique opportunity to compete in a changing consumer landscape. For clinicians, video helps redefine what it means to be truly patient-centered.

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Clinical Videos – Krames

Krames videos demystify complex medical concepts and procedures and are URAC accredited and 508 compliant. Krames patient education videos bring anatomy, procedures, and lifestyle behaviors to life with art and language specifically developed with the patient or consumer’s understanding in mind.

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Medical Animations – SWARM Interactive

ViewMedica® videos by Swarm Interactive, use high quality animations to explain anatomical concepts to patients, and provide an interactive, step by step discussion of conditions and surgical procedures.

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Medication Videos – VUCA Health

VUCA Health has created the largest, most robust medication video library in the world to ensure that patients are educated about their medications – from potential side effects and drug interactions to how to administer.

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Wellness and Engagement Videos – ShareWIK

ShareWIK’s popular videos reflect the changing landscape in healthcare, offering your organization an engaging new way to reach and teach your audiences. ShareWIK video collections include peer-to-peer patient and caregiver videos, recipe videos, and short and sharable consumer wellness videos.

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If you can’t find what you like in our video collections, StayWell will work with you to create custom videos to support your initiatives. Choose custom video to support your content marketing strategy, introduce your solutions and services, position your organization as leaders and engage your audiences on every channel.

Integration is Easy

Videos can easily be integrated with StayWell solutions, including Krames On-Demand, Krames On FHIR®, or Consumer Health Library. They can also be streamed through your website, delivered on your CCTV system, and viewed during the clinical workflow via EHR integrations such as Infobutton and Krames On FHIR.

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